I continue to discover more and more about myself in this post-grad life of mine.

Time is going by so fast yet so slow at the same time.

A little bit after graduating in December, I had a “come to Jesus” moment with my older cousin. He wasn’t trying to shoot down my dreams of earning a Master’s degree in the future, but he really wanted me to do more research and see if getting into even more student loan debt was worth it.

I heeded his advice and really took some time to think and pray about it… which made me spiral into a mini pre-quarter life crisis (yes, I’m calling it that since I’m only 23 years old). I applied to several exercise science master’s programs prior to graduating undergrad. Long story short, I love the health and wellness field when it comes to strength and conditioning, nutrition, and just bettering one’s self in general. After mentally taking myself through some scenarios and using my previous and current experiences as reference, I realized this field just isn’t for me full-time. To be honest, I couldn’t see myself at a gym or performance center for 10 hours a day or so and then come back to complete my own workouts.

Additionally, like most fields nowadays, it’s about experience and networking rather than graduate degrees. After doing some more research, I realized that having a master’s degree in this field wouldn’t do much for me income wise. My first motive isn’t just for the money… but we all have bills to pay.

Not every passion has to be monetized and/or be all of your life as a full-time job. That can be a bit freeing knowing that you’re more than “this” or “that.”

My passion to serve, be there for others and help others reach their goals will always be a part of me regardless of what professional field I’m in. After worrying about what I could do with only a B.S. degree in Psychology, not only did I just land a great job offer with a top consulting company last week, but I also realized returning to my true passion will serve me best: caring for athletes and their mental health.

I mean that’s why this website was created in the first place, right???

After years of battling my dad and my sister on not wanting to apply for several scholarships to potentially pay up to my doctorate degree in graduate studies, that’s the path that I’m on now. Do I regret not applying to such and such scholarship at the time? No, I don’t. I believe each experience is never wasted and that I had to go through this deep discovery of myself, my passions and my interests to land me back on the psychology route.

A doctorate degree, whether PhD or PsyD, will be likely for me as I desire to become a Sport Psychologist, both clinical and applied-based. As a person that cares about growth holistically, I believe being disciplined in both areas will serve my future clients best. Regardless of what graduate program I choose, whether a dual Master’s-PhD or jumping into a PsyD program, I know it’ll be roughly 5-6 years.

Damn, that’s really half a decade when you think about it. But I know the work will be hard yet enriching. I look forward to sharing with you all my experiences whenever I do start sometime in the future.

But who knows, God might do a 180 on me and tell me to pursue something else in a few years as well… we’ll just have to wait and see but experience and be in the present moment of life until then.

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