Another missed season…

This title is the first thing that comes to mind for me as I see my fellow track athletes close out their seasons with these last few meets.

It sucks (and man, is it awkward sometimes) when a random person learns that I run and asks me what my PR is. I feel like I have nothing to show for these past three-ish years as my seasons have been limited due to a) lack of finances, b) lack of coaching, and/or c) injuries. I finally had a) and b) under my belt this past season… but then c) snuck up on me last September.

I think what keeps me going sometimes is that I know how hard I work and that I haven’t reached my full potential yet. I know this isn’t just some random, aimless dream of mine and that I can be truly successful in this sport when the three reasons listed above (and probably a few more I can’t think of off the top of my head as I type this) all come together.

There’s some very specific prayers and answers I’ve heard from God during my quiet time with Him over the years. Something I’m still trying to learn is that some dreams might take years to come to fruition. But God is still with me and faithful throughout the process of my becoming. I can believe for what the future holds (e.g., what God has told me concerning my time in this sport, especially with my most recent injury) while recognizing what the present does not.

I’m not sure when I’ll be cleared to run (not even just to sprint, but just to jog freely on a grassy field for example) but I have to trust that all this time away from doing what I truly love is for a reason. I’m about to uproot my entire life and all that I’m familiar with in a few months by moving halfway across the country to a new state. I don’t have any family, friends (outside of work), or training partners that I know of in this state yet. But the possibility of making new connections and growing in my self-love and confidence springs hope and excitement in me.

I hope to be cleared by time Fall training rolls around (October/November). But I also know that my injury and the length of time I’ve been out is kind of rare so I can’t bank on being back to normal based on everyone else’s timing. I just have to keep embracing my own pace while being fully who I am and present in this season of my life.

As they always say, an athlete always comes back x10 stronger from an injury… I hope that’s true for me in due time.

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