Talking to Family About Your Status

It can be extremely difficult to open up to your loved ones about what you’re going through. It can be even more difficult when you realize that they have a stigma against mental health and other real life issues that are close to your heart.

If your family is supportive of you getting the help you need and seeking to understand what you’re going through, then that’s awesome. Embrace that and try to let them in to your world a little bit more.

On the other hand, I understand that it can be really hurtful if your family isn’t supportive of you getting help. You may feel like you’re a stranger to them and they don’t care for you at all. Don’t focus on these negative feelings as they’ll bring you down even more. Often times, they aren’t familiar with the idea of mental health and/or they don’t know how to respond to someone having issues with it so they don’t seek to understand because it’s foriegn to them. It still isn’t right and it sucks that they’re not as understanding but it is not your job to get them to understand. That will drain you of your energy little by little and leave you more frustrated than ever. You have to focus on your health and healing rather than their opinions. It might sting a little bit more if you really look up to them but you have to take this time to heal and regroup in whatever way that looks like.

Regardless of what end of the spectrum your loved ones fall into, they might question how and why you’re still practicing if you’re dealing with mental health issues. Know that it’s not your job to throughly explain to them how you work and cope with different things. Once again, that will drain your energy trying to get them to see things how you see them.

Don’t cut off your loved ones for not seeing eye to eye with you. In spite of their actions and words, they still do really love you. Find people that will fully support you on your road to healing. Whether that’s through your church family, teammates, mentors, or whoever.

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