First Things First: Accept Help

Mental health issues are tough to battle on your own. Don’t shame yourself for reaching out for help. Whether it is in the form of counseling, antidepressants, or another method,  don’t be afraid of what your loved ones might think. You have to start valuing yourself and your health over other people’s opinions, even if they are your parents, for example. If you’re a student athlete, there should be counseling resources at your school. If you’re not comfortable with the counseling center at your school, you can try reaching out to counselors outside of the school that are within your insurance network, if possible. If you’re not a student athlete, you can still try to search for counselors within your insurance network as well.

If insurance coverage is an issue, try looking for support groups via online or in person. It’s easy to isolate yourself and think that you’re the only one going through something but support groups can link you with people that are struggling with the same issues. You’re never alone no matter what you face.

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